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Phileas Reid Was a Huge Success at MegaCon 2016!

Marc here your favorite Phileas Reid artist, MegaCon 2016 was held this past weekend in Orlando, FL and Phileas Reid Knows We're Not Alone made it's convention debut with a huge splash by nearly selling out. Seriously, we came home with only three books. Now Kickstarter backers may be wondering where their books are and just why in the heck were they on sale at the con before theirs shipped. Well those are both great questions and please let me tell you how this happened. First off, the full shipment of Kickstarter backed books are at the moment in the US and are making their way to Scott as we speak. We are looking for the books to arrive this week (week of May 31st) and they will be mailed out promptly. We are hoping for the book to be in every backer's hands in the next 1 - 3 three weeks. I can't believe I just typed that sentence. 

Now, as far at the books being at MegaCon first, our partners at Kraken Printing were made aware that we would be attending MegaCon on May 26th and kindly held back only one box of books at their printing facility in Taiwan and did not ship them with the full order. The box of 20 books was mailed directly from Taiwan to my hotel room in Orlando and thankfully arrived the night before MegaCon. Thanks to our printing partners and spot on delivery, we were able to offer a small amount of books to the attendees of MegaCon. But don't worry, as I said above, the books will literally be arriving any day now and shipping will commence immediately. The long wait is almost over and our 2 and 1/2 years of hard work and your patience and support will finally be in your hands to enjoy. Until then, please check out some pics of the people that were able to pickup our book at MegaCon this weekend. Oh and how could I forget? My wife and I got to meet nerd king Kevin Smith on Saturday night and I was able to give him an autographed copy of Phileas Reid Knows We're Not Alone along with my email so I'm hoping to hear from him soon. Finger's crossed. He said "You're artwork is killer." So take that as our first celebrity endorsement. Now if only I could use that as a quote for the back of the book ...

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Where We Are & Where We Hope To Be

Been a little quiet on the website.  Sorry about that.  Been busy with stuff and things.  

While I have tried to keep the Kickstarter backers abreast of our production schedule, some of you are just now discovering us and our book.  I want you, too, to know where we are and when you can expect to hold Phileas Reid Knows We Are Not Alone (be it a physical copy of the graphic novel or a digital copy on your . . . digital book reader-thing).

As I write this (9:08pm, June 22nd 2015, about ten minutes into our DVR'ed episode of So You Think You Can Dance) . . .

  1. Marc has 15 more pages to draw.
  2. As Marc completes each page, Vito letters it.  That means we have 80 pages already lettered.  I'm guessing that, if we wanted to, we could release a black and white version of this book in the next month.
  3. 28 pages have already been colored.  That leaves what some might consider a daunting mountain of 72 pages left to color.  Rose, thankfully, laughs where most mortals flee.  She is going to begin coloring in July and promises to have it done by September.
  4. Once we have all the pages colored, Marc, Vito and I will put the book together, finalize cover design, dot the i's, cross the t's . . . and send the book to Print Ninja.
  5. If we can get the book to Print Ninja by the start of October, and if we spend every waking moment of every single day chanting "go Ninja, go Ninja, go! Go!" we should have the book ready to send to you by December.

So there you have it.  That's where we are and that's what we have left.  Thank-you your time, support, and curiosity.  We can't wait to bring our story to you.


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HeroesCon 2015

It came.  It went.  IT.  WAS.  PHENOMENAL.  Thank-you to everyone who stopped by and said "hi" to us!  We loved every minute of it.  HeroesCon is my (Scott here!) favorite con and I plan on never, ever missing a single one.  I do believe Marc is now in that same boat.  It was his first time going and he had a blast.

It was so sweet and so inspiring to meet you guys.  To all you whoever have felt like an alien, who have ever felt left behind, who have struggled to keep your family together and to every one of you who have discovered that truth that family is a choice -- a choice that is more akin to a promise or a vow, one so much stronger than blood -- this book is for you.


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to Jun 22

HeroesCon 2014

Phileas Reid's first con!  There may not be a book on hand, but Scott and Dean will be there to talk comics and any other cool thing that floats your boat.

If you're interested in hanging out with the coolest comics creators and fans there are, HeroesCon is the place for you.  It's in Charlotte, North Carolina.  If there's any way for you to be there, BE THERE.

To learn more, go to

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Free Comic Book Day

Make sure to visit your local comic book store and celebrate all things comic!  Don't know where you local store is?  Today's the perfect day to find it!  Most comic book stores will free comics to give away as well as other fun and games!

ComiXology has a great feature that will help you locate a comic book store near you!

Except, for some reason, it doesn't include Scott's favorite comic book store.  If you're in the Chattanooga area, you can find him at Epikos Comics, Cards, and Games every Wednesday at (or around) noon!

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