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Where We Are & Where We Hope To Be

Been a little quiet on the website.  Sorry about that.  Been busy with stuff and things.  

While I have tried to keep the Kickstarter backers abreast of our production schedule, some of you are just now discovering us and our book.  I want you, too, to know where we are and when you can expect to hold Phileas Reid Knows We Are Not Alone (be it a physical copy of the graphic novel or a digital copy on your . . . digital book reader-thing).

As I write this (9:08pm, June 22nd 2015, about ten minutes into our DVR'ed episode of So You Think You Can Dance) . . .

  1. Marc has 15 more pages to draw.
  2. As Marc completes each page, Vito letters it.  That means we have 80 pages already lettered.  I'm guessing that, if we wanted to, we could release a black and white version of this book in the next month.
  3. 28 pages have already been colored.  That leaves what some might consider a daunting mountain of 72 pages left to color.  Rose, thankfully, laughs where most mortals flee.  She is going to begin coloring in July and promises to have it done by September.
  4. Once we have all the pages colored, Marc, Vito and I will put the book together, finalize cover design, dot the i's, cross the t's . . . and send the book to Print Ninja.
  5. If we can get the book to Print Ninja by the start of October, and if we spend every waking moment of every single day chanting "go Ninja, go Ninja, go! Go!" we should have the book ready to send to you by December.

So there you have it.  That's where we are and that's what we have left.  Thank-you your time, support, and curiosity.  We can't wait to bring our story to you.


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